The project

Mazette is an upcoming cooperative brewpub in Brussels set in a unique place on the “place du jeu de balle” in the heart of the « Marolles » neighbourhood of the city. We will combine the production of beer, fresh bread and food to be shared in the typical brussels spirit and way of life, also known locally as « la zwanze ». All that is produced here will be exclusively sold on the premisses. The coop unites the locals from the neighbourhood, from around Brussels and the workers of Mazette to create a convivial and dynamic area in the centre of town. It also aims to give freedom to the cooperators to determine they’re own work conditions. Social and environmental issues are a major part of our quality charter.

After a whole year of confinement, we believe that it is mandatory to recreate one-on-one interactions amongst ourselves and in the same time we should transition towards a fairer and more sustainable management of the service industry. Thus using local networks and no longer relying on standard wholesalers and also placing our trust in our partners and associates who have the same mindset as us to evolve in a more equal and respectful society.


Mazette is a team of passionate, dedicated and ambitious young « Brusseleers » ! Our mix of skills have given us the opportunity to build the founding blocks of a project that will reinvent the futur of service industries post covid-19 After more than two years of elaborating the project we are convinced that an indoor urban production combined to an autonomous gouvernance by the workers are the key ingredients to our success. We hope to open in March 2022 and we realize that our community is a big part this success and so we also rely on you !




For over eight years, Pierre has been working as a professional beer taster at the Moeder Lambic bar ( bartending, waitering, tasting …). He is currently working at the Ermitage nano-brewery. He will be your enlightened guide to the perfect Mazette beer experience.



Passionate about gourmet food and gastronomical experience, France studied in Lyon and worked in several prestigious venues throughout France and Brussels. At Mazette, she will be preparing simple yet lovely and tasty dishes that will combine beautifully with our homemade bread.

yorick brasseur


Yorick is a bioengineer who specialises in the science and technology of foodstuff. With his ten years experience in the brewering and food industry, he is a strong asset to Mazette.

Boris photo c
Boris image c


Boris holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Sciences, majoring in Civil Architectural Engineering and a Master’s degree in Geography/Urban Studies. For over ten years now, he has been working as a advisor in public urban policies. He will be in charge of the day to day management of Mazette.


It is in the former brasserie-restaurant Skieven Architek, closed in 2013, that we will establish Mazette. This place, with some works, will allow us to host our spaces dedicated to production and service. The Marolles neighbourhood is of particular importance to us. It is the heart of Brussels, a village in the city and it is a lively district rich of its social diversity. We intend to put special energy into ensuring the integration of Mazette into the Marollien social fabric, through various collaborations with associations, shopkeepers and residents of the neighbourhood.