Our products

Both our ‘food’ menu and our ‘soft drinks and beers’ offer change according to the seasons, the products we source and the wishes of our teams.

You can find our current menu here (only in french for now).



At Mazette, we seek to develop and innovate a cuisine inspired by the links between bakery, brewing and culinary arts. You will find a series of small dishes to share accompanied by breads as well as our delicious garnished «dikkebroodjes» . From time to time, we propose a suggestion highlighting a fresh product or a local producer.

Our menu is varied and seasonal. It will brighten your taste buds throughout the year. Mazette is part of a sustainable food dynamic. Our quality charter reflects our environmental and social commitments. Every day, we are delighted to prepare healthy, fresh, nutritious, beautiful and tasty food for you.



We don’t drink to forget, we raise our glasses to remember… It is in this spirit that we will propose a diversified range of beers with a focus on: thirst-quenching beers (dry beers with a low alcohol content); dark beers; fruit beers; sour beers, bitter beers, barrique beers, etc). Balance and drinkability are the two keywords for our style! Natural sourdough beer is our signature beer, reflecting the marriage between bread and beer. Our malt is Belgian and grown using regenerative farming methods, which promote abundant soil life and carbon storage in the soil. Our hops are mainly Belgian and we are working to develop sustainable relationships with our suppliers in order to value the growing Belgian know-how in hop growing.
In addition to beer, we will be offering innovative non-alcoholic beverages that are also made on site. Lemonade, kombucha, kefir or cold brew coffee are just some of the delights to be discovered at Mazette! We will also offer a simple and qualitative selection of natural wines, cider, coffee or fruit juices, selected according to our quality charter.



Our bread is healthy, it is naturally leavened, kneaded and baked on the spot in a wood oven. Tastier, it keeps longer and is more digestible and nutritious than yeast bread. Our carefully selected Belgian flours are grown according to agroecological practices such as non-labour, the association of cultures and the selection of country varieties, adapted to the soil. They are ground on stone by a milling craftsman and therefore retain all their nutritional and gustative richness. We work with a slow growth of the dough, which allows to develop a maximum of aromas and a beautiful development of the bread when cooking. Accompanied by a beer or filled with fresh products, our bread will crackle under your teeth and will make your palate vibrate!