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persons are already co-operating in Mazette.

And you ?

Mazette is above all a collective story to write together. The health crisis we are experiencing has had a disastrous impact on the restaurant and coffee sector. We are convinced that this is an opportunity to rethink the horeca models of yesterday and to imagine those of tomorrow, which is what prompted us to launch this project. This transition, in our opinion, involves the creation of a community that supports Mazette, shares her ambitions and finds an interest in co-building the cooperative with her workers in order to create together a welcoming place, with warm service and quality products that respect the environment while allowing the workers of Mazette to determine their own working conditions.

The different share classes are described below. The «Zwanzeurs» shares allow you to become a cooperator, to sit in the General Assembly and to enjoy specific advantages such as a new beer offered each season!

Before subscribing to one or more shares, please note that the subscription of B, C and D shares is limited to a maximum of €5,000 per subscriber and a maximum of €500,000 per year in accordance with current regulations. Please read the following information carefully before subscribing to shares:

  • Information-fiche regarding the offer of shares (of the co-op) for “Marrolliens”, “Zwanzeurs” and “Architek” (classes B, C en D) Mazette SC.
  • Statutes of the co-op
  • Intern rules of the co-op
  • Charter of the co-op
  • The perimeter of the class of shares “Marollien” (class B)

If you have any questions about taking part in our cooperative, please send an email to We’d be happy to enlighten you.

If these last paragraphs speak to you, embark on the adventure with us and all those who have already joined us! To do this, please click on the button below :

The cooperative shares for Marolliens, Zwanzeurs and Architeks (type B, C and D shares) issued by Mazette SC have received the finance solidaire label. The label certifies that the financial product finances activities that generate social and/or environmental benefits. The label also guarantees that the investor receives transparent and complete information on the financial product. We have also received the #SustainableEnergy label!

The Minister of the Economy has officially approved Mazette not only as a Social Enterprise but also as an approved cooperative society, member of the National council for Cooperation, which confirms Mazette’s commitment to the social economy and its respect for the cooperative principles.

cooperative structure of mazette