100 % of level 3 (235.000 €)

One of Mazette’s values is autonomy: we aspire to offer you in your plates and glasses products made with passion on site, in Mazette, whose raw materials come from short circuits, as locally as possible

One of Mazette’s values is autonomy. We hope that Mazette will come to life with a minimum of debt and a maximum of citizen financing. That is why we are counting on you to help us directly finance Mazette by becoming a cooperator! You can take several shares, but they must all be of the same class!

Before subscribing to one or more units, please read the following information carefully:

  • Information note regarding the offer of shares (of the co-op) for “Marrolliens”, “Zwanzeurs” and “Architek” (classes B, C en D) Mazette SC. This note was sent to the FSMA (The Financial Services and Markets Authority).
  • Statutes of the co-op
  • Intern rules of the co-op
  • Charter of the co-op
  • The perimeter of the class of shares “Marollien” (class B)

If you have any questions about taking part in our cooperative, please send an email to cheers@mazette.brussels. We’d be happy to enlighten you.

The cooperative shares for Marolliens, Zwanzeurs and Architeks (type B, C and D shares) issued by Mazette SC have received the Financité & FairFin label. The label certifies that the financial product finances activities that generate social and/or environmental benefits. The label also guarantees that the investor receives transparent and complete information on the financial product.


persons are already co-operating in Mazette.

Our fundraising campaign is now! We need you to launch Mazette and everything is decided between May and June 2021. Our goal… a lot of citizen funding! What if we could create a brewery free of debt? As you have understood, less debt is less cost and it’s an even more affordable beer or meal in Mazette— Shall we challenge each other?

We aim to create the widest possible community that supports the project during these two months, and thus allow Mazette to ensure its financing by its future cooperators. At each new level reached, this means that we will not have to borrow money from the banks to finance this part of the project.

To achieve our goal, you can help us in two ways:

1. Subscribe to one or more shares of Mazette and becomes a cooperator. Thus, in addition to benefiting from the taxshelter mechanism that gives a tax reduction of 45% on the amount invested (see conditions for granting), you will benefit from a vote at the annual general meeting of Mazette and specific benefits depending on the type of share. There are three options:

  • Do you live within the Marolles’ perimeter? Become a “Marollien” cooperator and together we will determine the specific advantages of the “Marolliens” before the opening of Mazette.
  • You don’t live within the Marolles’ perimeter? Become a “Zwanzeur” cooperator and enjoy as a specific advantage a free drink worth up to €5 each season… for life! This is the occasion to come and have     a great time at  Mazette 4 times a year… or more!
  • You have a company and you want to support us through it? These are “Architek” cooperative shares that must be taken.

2. Get your demo phone out of your brollekast and help us spread the word about the project and the campaign! Share on social media, place an ad in the metro’s kiss and ride, talk to friends and pals, or slip a note to work. In short, become an ambassador of Mazette! Your support warms our hearts.

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4
  • Level 5
  • Level 6

Goal: 70.000 € > this goal is achieved, let’s go to level 2 !

Avec ce montant nous pouvons installer le bar et le comptoir auquel vous viendrez vous acouder pour commander vos boissons favorites et aménager un coin cozy.

Goal: 170.000 € > this goal is achieved, let’s go to level 3 !

C’est ce qu’il nous faut pour réaliser les travaux d’aménagement du local (revêtements de murs et de sols, finaliser les techniques spéciales, …), ainsi que les éléments du palier précédent.

Goal: 235.000 € > this goal is achieved, thank you for your co-operation !

Cette somme nous permet de d’acheter tout le matériel pour la cuisine et le four à bois, ainsi que tous les éléments des paliers précédents.

four à bois

Goal: 310.000 €

Si nous atteingons ce palier nous pourrons acheter les cuves de services qui nous permettront de stocker la bière et la conserver dans des conditions optimales pour que sa qualité de service soit exceptionnelle, ainsi que tous les éléments des paliers précédent.

becs de service

Goal: 495.000 €

C’est le montant qu’il nous faut pour acheter notre matériel brassicole complet, ainsi que tous les éléments des paliers précédents.

Goal: 560.000 €

Avec cette somme nous couvrons tous nos besoins pour pouvoir réaliser nos rêves les plus ambitieux, c’est à dire tous les frais de constitution, communication et administratifs liés au lancement de Mazette, ainsi que tous les éléments des paliers précédents.

beer garden